Engagement List 2019:-


Sunday 2nd  Smedmore House

Thursday 6th  Concert Sandford School

Wednesday 19th 7.00pm – 8.00pm Concert Upton School

Saturday 29th 2-30pm – 4-30pm Steeple Manor Gardens Open Day


Saturday 6th  2-30pm – 4-30pm Wool Church Event. Chairs – Polo shirts

Sunday 21st Wareham Carnival. Play on Rec. (TBC)


Saturday 10th  2pm – 4-30pm Affpuddle Church Fete, Cruck Cottage, Briantspuddle


Saturday 5th 7.00pm Concert Durbeville Hall, Wool – Full uniform

Saturday 12th  6.00pm Concert Stoborough Village Hall – Full uniform


Sunday 10th Remembrance Parade (TBC)

Thursday 21st 8.30 – 9.15pm Wareham Devevlopment Trust – Parish Hall

Sunday 24th 2.30 – 4.30pm -Concert – Briantspuddle Village Hall – Full Uniform

Saturday 30th 2.00pm  – 4pm Bovington Tank Museum Christmas Fair – Full Uniform


Saturday 10am – 12am – 7th, 14th and 22nd Carols on the Cross

Saturday 1st  Bovington Tank Museum Christmas Fair – as 30th

Thursday 5th 7.00pm Carols at Anglebury Court – Full uniform

Sunday 8th 6.00pm Wool British Legion – Full uniform

Thursday 12th Carol Evening around Wareham (TBC)

Wednesday 18th  8.00pm Private Concert

Thursday 19th 8.00pm Private Concert

Tuesday 24th  Carols in Wool (TBC)